About Us

Answering Service is part of the Virtual Headquarters group, an Australian company founded in 2007 by Michael Davison, an entrepreneur with a track record of building successful IT companies over the past 25 years.

The internet is driving paradigm shifts across all industries. We understand that it is vital for organisations to drive sales, and service customers, as productively and as cost effectively as is possible. If you do not, your competitors will, and they will take business from you.

Michael recognises that answering phones, whether done in-house with your own receptionist or via an Answering Service, is simply another business process, the Call Answering Process. So Answering Services when utilised are an extension of your business. Like many business processes, the Call Answering Process, can be outsourced. Think of it like RaaS (Reception as a Service). Where you only pay for what you need, with the ability to cancel at any time. Thus ensuring that you are able to match your costs with revenue, if circumstances within your organisation change.

Many Answering Service providers also specialise in providing Virtual Office solutions that drive cost savings and productivity improvements for businesses of all sizes.

Virtual Receptionist

When evaluating phone answering service providers it is vital the receptionists are Australian based so that when your callers ring in, they will literally think the receptionist answering the phone is sitting in your office. This is an important part of your image because a receptionist is typically in the front line, the first person in your organisation one will engage with. So from micro start ups through to large publicly listed companies, all size businesses can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing the call answering process. For small businesses these benefits include looking bigger than you are and never missing calls while in larger companies the cost savings can be significant – like being $40,000 per year more cost effective to outsource than retaining an in-house receptionist. Visit the Benefits Tab on our site for more details on Benefits you can enjoy by using an answering service.

Virtual Address

Often businesses who outsource their phone answering look to enjoy other virtual benefits on offer in the market. This includes having a prestige address in a prime CBD or metropolitan location for a fraction of the cost of setting up a physical office.

Enabling those organisations to present a professional image and grow their business while only paying for what they really need i.e. a local presence, without the overheads. So if a virtual address is something you are interested in, it makes sense to ask your answering service provider if they also provide virtual addresses. That allows you to deal with a “one stop shop” making it easier for you, rather than having to deal with multiple providers.