Answering Service For Small Business

Why might a small business, like yours, use an answering service?

Running a small business poses a number of challenges. The biggest problem customers come to us with is that they are missing calls. Missed calls mean lost sales. Lost sales mean less profit.

Now, you can’t be expected to have a productive work day, interact face-to-face with customers, reply to emails AND be answering your phone every time it rings. That’s not how customers see it though. When you don’t pick up first try, they move down the list and call a competitor.

Our answering service is the perfect solution for any small business with this problem. We pick up every call and answer them exactly as you wish.

How does it work?

When you sign up with Answering Service you are allocated a number that can be put to use straight away. You may choose to use this number or to redirect your existing number through to us.

Our friendly receptionists will answer your call as you request and can help by answering questions, taking messages or forwarding the call to you or a colleague. Our service is extremely flexible! Sign up for a FREE trial now to see how Answering Service can work for you.

Have you been considering hiring a receptionist? Here’s why you should hire us instead!

Unlike a receptionist, with us you only pay for what you need. A receptionist comes with a set rate and set hours. We can work around the clock and you are not locked into any contracts!

Don’t go through the process of hiring someone, especially if you are not sure whether your call load demands it. Sign up with us and we’re working for you within minutes. You can upgrade and downgrade easily and cancel at any time. There is absolutely no harm in signing up for a free trial today, no credit card required!

We will have your customers thinking we are sitting in your office and provide a friendly, encouraging front for your business. Not convinced? Test us out!

Running a business from home? They don’t need to know that.

It can be hard to gain respect from customers when they see you as a small business being run from home. Our answering service can help give you the image you desire, making your business come across as big and well established even when you are just starting up.

We are able to provide 1300 numbers as well as local phone numbers for each major city in Australia to help convey this message.
Add to that our cost effective virtual address service and you are sorted! With our virtual address service you are able to advertise and provide customers with a prestigious address to give your business a local or national presence.

We will notify you of any mail we collect and you can pick it up or we will forward it to you!
If you think our answering service might be the answer your small business has been looking for sign up or give us a call on 1300 661 785 today.