Answering Service Perth

Based in Perth and after a friendly local answering service?

You have just found your solution! We have assembled a team of friendly Australian receptionists and they are ready and waiting to take your calls.

Our receptionists will have callers thinking they are sitting in your office, even if your office is merely your home study. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us!

Our service is suitable for businesses of all sizes and being extremely flexible, we will answer your calls exactly as you want them to be answered.

Not convinced? You can sign up for a free trial and try us out in only a matter of minutes.

Why should you choose Answering Service?

Here are only a few of the benefits we can offer you:

  • Never miss a call again

Ever wonder how many potential customers you have lost to competitors, and how much that missed sale might have been, because you didn’t pick up the one time they called? Well, now you won’t have to. Our friendly receptionists will take every call however you wish. We can answer simple questions, forward calls or take a message for you.

  • Increased productivity

When you are not worrying about picking up every phone call, you can focus on improving your business and getting through that to-do list! You may even find the time to take a break and relax.

  • No long term contract … it’s month to month

With us, you only pay for what you actually use. You can upgrade and downgrade at any time with no additional cost and you are not locked into a long term contract … it’s just month to month, cancel any time! That means that when calls are low you can downgrade your plan to only pay for what you need.

  • Increased profit

We have already talked about how you will be more productive and gain more customers. What we haven’t talked about is how much money you will save hiring us as opposed to your own in-house receptionist. An in-house receptionist comes with a fixed rate and limited hours – so you are paying for all the time they’re not on a call and still missing calls outside business hours or in their lunch break. When you think about it, how could you not increase profit with Answering Service?

Wanting to expand within Perth or nationally?

Either way, we’ve got you covered. We offer 1300 numbers as well as local numbers for all major cities in Australia, giving your business the presence you desire.

Answering Service also offers a virtual address service so you can increase the local or national image you are trying to portray to your target audience. We offer addresses in Perth as well as Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney. You may use these addresses as you wish on your website and in advertising and we will notify you of any mail you receive and you can pick it up or we will forward it to you. On top of this, meeting rooms are available at many of our locations including Perth.

Feel free to give us a call on 08 6270 6377 and sign up for your FREE trial today!