7 Ways to Grow Profits

A receptionist is the front door to your business. First impressions count! It’s critical that every call is answered promptly and handled exactly how you decide. A professional Live Answering Service can Increase your Profits.


7 WAYS a Virtual Receptionist can INCREASE your PROFITS
What is the scenario in your business?  Possible Increase in Profits

 Replace your existing in-house receptionist with a Virtual Receptionist
$40,000 annual salary

   What are the on-costs (e.g. super, workers comp, sick pay, annual leave, time off, desk, rent, PC, phone) including management costs of recruiting, training, managing and retaining your in-house receptionist?
plus $10,000 a year on costs

    What does a temp receptionist (or other internal staff if they answer the phone) really cost when your receptionist is away sick, on leave or at lunch? If it is a new temp every time, do they really know your customers?
8 hrs x $30/hr = $240 per day?

   What is the total marketing cost of getting a new prospect to call? (staff time, the ad, the design, the distribution cost). What is your total cost per lead? You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Never miss another call!
Total cost per lead

$1?    $10?    $100?    $1,000?

    What is the lifetime value of an existing customer? Once you do all the hard work to win a customer what is the cost if you lose that customer because they are unable to get a response from a real person when they need a response?
Lifetime Value of a Customer

$100?    $1,000?    $10,000?

 What is it worth to your business to obtain new customers from a lead referral?  What is your image and reputation worth? What will your profit be if the image you portray to prospects and clients is one of prompt, friendly, professional service EVERY time they call?
You assign a $ figure:  $ ______?
7.    What is it worth for the peace of mind of knowing you will never miss another call 24/7? If you are relaxed will you be able to spend more time focused on looking after customers and winning new business? What is this worth to you? Peace of mind? Relaxed? Focus?

You assign a $ figure:  $ ______?