A Professional Image

“A Professional Image with Low Cost”

Whether you are an SME or a large corporate it’s critical to maintain a professional image at all times to win new clients and retain existing ones.

You cannot afford to miss calls in today’s competitive environment.

What does one missed call potentially cost? What image does that portray to prospects and existing customers?

At AnsweringService.com.au we believe it is critical if you outsource part or all of the “call answering” business process that the receptionists convey a mature, friendly and professional vibe for EVERY call they answer. After all, a receptionist is more often than not the front line of your organisation, the first person a new client comes into contact with when forming initial impressions about your business.

For larger business with an in-house receptionist what happens when she is sick, at lunch or on annual leave?

With a premium live answering service they can take the overflow calls for when you or your in-house receptionist cannot. Their professional team should be able to introduce and transfer calls to staff wherever the they are or take messages which are sent instantly to staff by SMS and / or Email. Whether you have 1 or 1,001 staff!

If you have a genuine need to NEVER MISS ANOTHER CALL and have your calls answered and handled by a Professional Receptionist then your business should seriously consider trialling an answering service.

Put them to the test. A virtual receptionist can be answering your calls in minutes from now, letting you focus on higher value tasks like sales and superior levels of customer service.

Our experience is that you will be blown away when you engage a great answer service, wondering why you did not do it years ago!