An Interstate Presence

Would an Interstate or National Presence for Low Cost allow you to grow your Sales? 

A Virtual Office enables your business to grow interstate or nationally overnight for a fraction of the cost of opening your own office.

Premium Live Answering Services typically start from as little as $15 per month where a Professional Receptionist answers and transfers your calls and / or sends you and your staff messages if you cannot take the call.

A reputable national provider will be able to issue you with phone numbers nationally for a small monthly fee (typically $5 or $10 per number) so you can have a Sydney 02 number, a Melbourne 03 number, Perth or Adelaide 08, Brisbane 07 etc. All virtual numbers so you do not have to have lines running into your house or office. So very flexible, very affordable.

And before you have to spend a cent, you should be choosing a provider that offers you a Free Trial period so you can test drive the service. Making sure you and your callers are impressed by your “new” receptionist, before you commit.

You might also want to consider a Virtual Office Address in a major CBD such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth to give you a physical presence in addition to your calls being answered. A reputable national provider will have metropolitan locations outside of the major CBDs as well locations within the major city centres. This kind of coverage should give you confidence the virtual office provider has been in business for a long time in order to have built up a national network of business centres you can take advantage of.