Call divert service – Sydney

Sydney Call Diversion Services

Want to look like you have a Sydney base for your business but can’t afford the cost of an office or a serviced office?

Why not get a Sydney phone number and a call diversion service. It is relatively easy to set up and really affordable to have.

When you sign up for a Sydney call divert service through we will allocate you a local telephone number. We then “land” / divert that telephone number to any other number that you have nominated. That way you can answer the calls anywhere …. all while the caller thinks they are calling your Sydney office.

Once you have the diversion set up then any calls that are received by your Sydney number will be diverted to your nominated number. Our system works seamlessly behind the scenes diverting all of those incoming calls.

The cost of our service is a $10 monthly fee plus a per minute charge on the incoming calls. For many of our Australian customers their monthly bill ends up at around $20 to $30 per month. This is really affordable given that this provides you with a presence in Sydney and your caller is only paying for a local call.

Setting up is really simple. You just sign up for a telephone answering service through our sign up page. Once you have signed up you simply call or email us to change your settings to signal that you are a “call forwarding” customer.

Why settle for just a Sydney service! Once you have signed up with us you can add additional cities into the mix. Your business could have a Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth telephone number which are all being redirected to your main business number.

If you would like to find out more about our call diversion services then why not call one of our friendly sales representatives on 1300-661-785 and they will be happy to help.