Impress Your Customers

Easily impress your customers with an answering service

With an answering service, whenever an existing or prospective customer dials your number, someone will pick up. First time, every time. They will never be greeted by a pre-recorded message and will get to talk to a real person every time.

Studies have shown that the majority of people will hang up when they reach a message bank. A large proportion of those prospective customers will never call back. Just by having a person pick up the phone, you are impressing customers off-the-bat and encouraging them to invest in your company.

How does an answering service work to impress customers?

An answering service can work in a number of ways. It can be the first place your calls are directed to when a customer dials your number. Or, any calls that you miss can be directed to the answering service. Either way, you will never have to worry about a client going to voicemail again.

At Answering Service, we have a team of friendly Australian receptionists who are professional and mature and trained to answer your calls. All you have to do is tell us how you would like them answered. A lot can be conveyed in the way someone answers a phone beyond what they are actually saying – through their tone of voice and enthusiasm. With Answering Service, you do not have to worry. All your customers will be greeted with the warm, friendly welcome they deserve. We will help to make all your customers feel special and impress each and every one of them.

Set yourself apart from the competition with our polite, courteous and competent receptionists answering your calls. They will help you to convey a professional and reliable business front, and help your customers put their trust in you. Knowing human help is only a phone call away and that they can speak to a person every time they call encourages customers to choose your company.

Once we have answered you call, we are able to do a number of things for you. We can answer your customers’ enquiries, given the right information. We can forward calls onto you or the relevant member of your team. We are able to take messages and send them to you as a text and/or email. That way, you are able to get back to your customers as soon as you deem necessary and when you can give your customers the attention they deserve.
Customers like to know they are valued and an answering service ensures that they do. Making each and every one of your customers feel important is simple with Answering Service. You could have us answering your calls in just minutes, visit our website or give us a call on 1300 661 785 for more information.

We also offer a FREE trial , so you can experience our service for 7 days, free of charge and find out what we can do for you.