Live Telephone Answering Service

Live Telephone Answering – Australia

Research has shown that people do not like talking to a recorded message service. BT in the UK carried out a study and determined that when business callers are confronted with a recorded message service up to 60% of them will simply hang up rather than leaving a recorded message.

The implications for this are quite severe as the likelihood is that the caller will simply hang up from you and call the next business down the list. So, not only do you lose a potental customer but you also help grow your competitors business.

There is a better way! By getting a live telephone answering service for your business you can ensure that all of your calls are answered quickly and efficiently.

A telephone answering service from gives you the ability to focus your attention on building your business while our professional receptionists take care of your incoming calls.

When we answer your calls we greet your callers with a personailsed message that has been agreed with you. You can change this message at any time which means that you can customise it according to different circumstances.

Setting up is extremely easy, you can either do it yourself via our free trial portal or you can call one of our friendly sales assistants on 1300 661 785 and we can do it for you. Once your account is set up we can be answering your telephone calls in just a matter of minutes.

Our free trial runs for 7 days and gives you the opportunity to test drive our system and to try out the functionality. Once the free trial is up we give you a 50% discount off your first 2 months subscription to let you fine tune your set up to get the very best out of it.

We don’t believe in locking our customers into long contracts, it’s just month to month. If you do decide to cancel at any time then you simply need to give us just one business day’s notice. Given that we currently have more than 4,500 happy customers we are confident that you will like what we do.

Call us now on 1300 661 785 to arrange your free trial of our live telephone answering service.