Telephone Answering Services Adelaide

Get Your Adelaide Calls Answered Promptly And Efficiently

Running a small business can leave you with a real time deficit. One minute you are meeting with existing clients, the next you are in a sales meeting followed by supervising staff and trying to get the actual work done. In the meantime you are trying to fend off a barrage of incoming telephone calls.

The trouble with those incoming calls is that you don’t know which ones are the important ones, which ones can wait and which ones you don’t really want at all.

This is where a telephone answering service like the one offered by can really work out great value for money. Our trained professional receptionists can answer all of those incoming calls and weed out the ones that are truly vital. We can then either forward these calls on to you or we can email or SMS you the message.

What this means is that you can focus your attention on growing your Adelaide business and not on picking up the phone every 15 minutes.

Our professional team are all Australia based. Unlike many of our competitors we believe that it is important to have local staff answering calls for local businesses.

Setting up with Answering Service is easy. You can either use our sign up form to sign up for a free 7 day trial or you can call our friendly sales staff on 08 8180 0622 and we can take you through the whole process. We really can have the whole thing set up in just a few minutes.

After your 7 day trial expires, if you decide to contine wth our service then we give you a 2 month period at 50% off. We find that this allows customers to fine tune their set up and work out how to get the very best out of their service.

Our Adelaide telephone answering service makes good financial sense. An average customer spends around $50 per month but gets the peace of mind that their phone will never be unattended. We also don’t lock you in to an extended contract. You can cancel at any time by giving just a day’s notice. We currently have more than 4,500 customers who stay with us because we provide an exceptional level of service.

Call our friendly sales staff on 08 8180 0622 today to find out more.