You will never miss a call again! The secret: an answering service.

What does an answering service do?

An answering service can ensure all your calls are answered, and that all your customers get to talk to real people. Never let another customer go to voicemail and never worry about rushing to answer the phone. Put down the phone, walk away and enjoy your weekend, enjoy your day off, enjoy your evening. Take a break. You need it.

You can use an answering service as you wish. They can be Plan A or Plan B. You can choose to forward all your calls to an answering service, where all your customers will be greeted by a friendly and professional receptionist.

Or, let an answering service be your back-up plan. If you do not make it to the phone in time, the call will be forwarded to an answering service. From there, a mature, friendly receptionist will take your call. Your customers will have no idea that “your” receptionist is not sitting in your office ….. Yes it is that real!

What can an answering service do for you?

The simple answer: whatever you want!

What exactly is that? Here’s just a few things:

– Greet customers in a friendly, mature and professional manner – exactly as you would.

If you tell our receptionists what to say, they will say it. We have selected a team of friendly and professional women who can answer your calls however you request. Customers will have no reason to doubt this is an in-house receptionist.

– Answer your customers’ questions – exactly as you would.

Our receptionists are able to answer basic customer queries, and can forward the more complex ones onto you or the correct member of you team.

– Call forwarding

Our receptionists can forward a call onto you, or another member of your team.

Taking messages

An answering service can take messages for you. At Answering Service, we can take those messages and send them to you immediately as a text or email, or both. Whatever works for you.

This may sound like a lot of options, but what more could you want in an answering service. It should be flexible and adaptable, because what works for you is not likely to be the same thing that works for everyone else. At Answering Service we provide a service that is flexible and customisable, and accessible by you anytime and anywhere to change your greeting, notes or availability. That means that you can update and change your preferences so our service is always working for you, exactly how you require.

Why are missed calls so important?

We all know that missing calls means losing prospective customers, but just how important is answering calls?

  • 75% of callers will hang up if they reach a voice mail service
  • 60% of callers will hang up if they are placed on hold
  • Yet, 7% of calls to Australian businesses go unanswered

With an answering service:

  • 0% of calls will go unanswered
  • 0% of customers will get put through to a machine
  • 100% of customers will talk to you or a friendly receptionist
  • 100% of customers will get their needs addressed
  • 100% of customers will get the respect they deserve

To us, the answer is clear. An answering service means you will never miss a call and each of your customers will get the quality of service that they deserve. Give Answering Service a call on 1300 661 785 or have a look at our website for more information.